The famous saying, "the world's kungfu originates from Shaolin" has closely linked all the Chinese martial arts sects with the name of "Shaolin". Consequently, in the minds of numerous admirers of the world, Shaolin Temple represents mystery and the occult to an incredible extent.

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Origin of Kung Fu

Almost all the stories can be traced back to him, Bodhidharma. Zen Buddhism is as tranquil as still water, while the martial art is as fierce as fire. How could the water and fire be integrated in perfect harmony?


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Shaolin Boxing Styles

In Zui Quan or the drunkard boxing, boxers falter, waddle, fall and sway just like drunkards. Drunkard boxers are required to be responsive with good eyesight and fist plays. Learn the secret of this style.

Boxing styles

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Some wise words

Manipulate your body to generate the strength required, and make sure you are fearless in order to have the courage. When you turn, be fast and forceful as a gale that can move the starts out of place.


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The Shaolin International Federation groups together international martial arts federations and various other associations. Together we make an essential contribution to the development of martial arts.