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Shaolin Kung Fu classes by Joost Warsanis & Tommy Wang in the Netherlands

Chinese Martial Arts is an important part of the worlds culture. It can build up one's strength, benefit intelligence, exercise the body and keep it in good health. It will practise one's spirit and enlighten life if someone practises Chinese Martial Arts for a long time. In modern society, people's rhythm of life is becoming more tense. Being busy in life and stressful pressure makes everybody often neglect to do exercises.

If people can exercise the Chinese traditional Martial Arts, they will relax more effectively, edify virtue, strengthen the physique and improve body quality as well grasp the true nature of the Chinese Martial Arts, self defence. It has remarkable positive effects to enhance people's living and work. We see Chinese Martial Arts as a bridge to promote the people's friendship, to develop and share the Chinese Martial Arts industry together with the Shaolin Culture Training School. Enrolling students from the Netherlands and abroad anytime.

To learn more about the Shaolin Kung Fu Training, visit us at one of our locations or contact us to schedule a free introductory class. Our school is recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. If you are looking for our other locations within the Netherlands please visit our page shaolinbond. Information about our schools in China can be found on our page travel to China. All our other affiliated international schools can be found on our page members.

Kung Fu Utrecht

Tuesday 19.00-20.30

Sportzaal Overvecht
Pagodedreef 4
3564 XS Utrecht