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The Shaolin International Federation Group

In the last decades the Shaolin International Federation has proven to be one of the few who is capable to handle Chinese Martial Arts outsourcing activities all over the world. Our outsourcing activities are including the following worldwide services:

• Martial Arts teachers for short or long term, also teaching Buddhism, Chinese medicine, drawing and more
• Martial Arts demo-team / show group, suited for all kinds of events as well as movies
• Interim management for Martial Arts federations, schools & events

The Shaolin International Federation Group has mastered Martial Arts skill, all quite well-known in the Chinese Martial Arts circles. Besides domestic, they received the invitations of many parties abroad to visit dozens of countries and regions such as U.S.A., Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea etc.. They were received by many well-known people such as British Queen Elizabeth, French president Chirac, Singapore Senior Minister Lee Guangyao, president of Malaysian Democratic Party Lin Jingyi and many more.

More than one hundred news medias have reported them many times such as "Wen Hui Daily", "World Daily". CCTV, Canadian TV etc.. Till now, the Shaolin International Federation Group is enthusiastic in the public service, participating in many important events worldwide. We welcome your inquiries.