Martial Arts

In combat patience leads to victory. Prepare properly in order to observe the enemy closely. Before attacking you must know what you will sacrifice and what you will achieve. A skill full master knows when, where and how to use the softness, firmness, weakness and power. The mind and the body must be perfectly coordinated.

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Taiji & Qigong

The Chinese characters for Taiji Quan can be translated as the "Supreme Ultimate Force". Because the Tai Chi movements have their origins in the martial arts, practicing them does have some martial applications.

Taiji & Qigong

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Wudang Global Federation

As a Holy Land of Taoism and a cradle of Wudang Martial Arts, Wudang Mountains have a long history. The bedrock of Chinese culture lies all in Taoism. We can offer training classes in Chinese Martial Arts.


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