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Legendary Shaolin Temple

Situated in the heart of China, the Shaolin Temple has survived for over fifteen hundred years. A place of spiritual development, reflecting the change in Chinese history comes to life at Shaolin.

Shaolin Temple

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Powerful Shaolin Kung Fu

When people say "the 18 Shaolin martial arts" the numeral 18 is a generalizing notion for all the Shaolin martial arts. Different fist and weapon fighting skills display different characteristics.

Shaolin Kung Fu

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Snoop Dogg meets Shaolin

Snoop Dogg is best known as a rapper in the West Coast hip hop scene and he is a friend of the Shaolin International Federation. Check out our exclusive footage of Snoop Dogg training Shaolin Kung Fu .

Snoop Dogg

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Founder Shi Yan Yu

Joost Warsanis is president of the Shaolin International Federation. He began to study Chinese martial arts in 1985 and his skills are acknowledged by the Wudang Monastery and the Shaolin Temple.

Shi Yan Yu