Shaolin International Federation

The Shaolin International Federation was set up to meet the enormous demand from all parts of the world. Our main goal is spreading the Chinese Martial Arts and culture around the world. We have a wide range of events which will yearly take place in countries around the world.

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Lessons in the Netherlands

The learning of Shaolin Kung Fu requires patience, discipline, honour and hard work. Learning this art form is a journey, not a destination. Contact us to schedule a free Shaolin Kung Fu introductory class.


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Amazing performances

Our performance group is made up by elites from Chinese famous Martial Arts circles such as Shaolin and Wu Dang. We aim to perform around the world and carry forward Chinese culture and martial arts.


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Travel to China

We are located in one of the most stunning spots in the province, Yuntai Mountain. This mountain is among the first group from all over the world that received the title of World Geologic Park from UNESCO in 2004.

Travel to China

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The Shaolin International Federation has branches all over the world. The Shaolin Bond Nederland is our branch in the Netherlands. It has gained many interest from the Dutch Martial Arts society.